The New AntAlmanac

ICSSC Projects
3 min readFeb 9, 2021

Whether you’re a fan of AntAlmanac or have never used it before, there is something to be excited about in our newest update. Over the last several months, our team has been working very hard on a complete overhaul of the website, so we present to you (drumroll please): The New AntAlmanac!

What is AntAlmanac?

AntAlmanac is a service made by students for students to create and organize your schedule with ease, and has far better functionality than traditional alternatives like WebSOC or Antplanner. If you’d like to learn more about the base functionality of AntAlmanac, check out this article.

So, what’s new?

The AntAlmanac rewrite returns with all of your favorite features, and comes with exciting new ones such as:

  • Quick access to RateMyProfessor reviews and EaterEvals. Just hover over the instructor’s name and click on either button:
RateMyProfessor and EaterEval links easily available
  • Improved UCI map for classes with precise and updated locations (a small post-pandemic perk!):
AntAlmanac Map
  • Updated course descriptions straight from the catalog; you won’t need to click away to learn more about your classes! Just click on the three dots next to the course title:
Updated course descriptions
  • Improved look for the historical enrollment graphs when you click on Past Enrollment:
Sample Enrollment Graphs with our Updated Look
  • Enriched look for the course bubbles on the schedule. Choose any color for your course, including pastels!
Change the colors of the courses on your schedule
  • Firefox browser support
  • Lots of small bug fixes
  • …and much more to come!

So this quarter and every quarter to come, make the best choices for your classes with aesthetic course schedules on!


Can I use this to sign up for classes?

While AntAlmanac is full of features that make scheduling a breeze, the only thing it can’t do is actually enroll you for classes. However, you can easily copy and paste course codes from the “Added Classes” tab into WebReg.

Can I use this on my phone?

As with Petr drops on-campus, good things require a little bit of patience ;) AntAlmanac is currently designed for desktop use but mobile view is coming soon!

Which Browsers can I use AntAlmanac on?

We currently don’t support Microsoft Edge. Consider using Firefox or Chrome!

Does AntAlmanac use cookies?

ICSSC Projects developers take the data privacy of our users extremely seriously. AntAlmanac does make use of cookies to enhance your scheduling experience and to keep track of site usage statistics. However, all user data is anonymized and we will never sell it to a third party.

Help! I ran into a bug. What should I do?

If some part of AntAlmanac isn’t working correctly, please let us know by clicking the “Feedback” button in the top right corner. Feature suggestions are always welcome too :)