Peter’s Roadmap: PeterPortal’s 4-Year Course Planner

  • Allow students to identify and account for course prerequisites.
  • Facilitate the tracking of degree requirements so students can graduate on time.
  • Provide flexibility, usability, and efficiency when planning out courses.

Competitive Analysis Plan worksheet.pdf

User Research

  1. Not having to check prerequisites
  2. Create multiple course plans or backups
  3. Know which quarters a class is offered and which professors are teaching it
  4. Comprehensive information about a course (prereqs, past teachers, ratings, etc) all on one page

Requirements Specification

  • Remove course
  • Browse and search for courses
  • Add year
  • Add quarter
Peter’s Roadmap Use-Case Diagram


Low-level wireframe A
Low-level wireframe B
Low-level wireframe C
Mid-level wireframe
High-Fidelity Prototype


Now that we have completed the planning and design phase, we are currently working on implementing our prototype and integrating it within PeterPortal. The application will be built with React.js along with React DnD and the PeterPortal API. We aim to develop a MVP (minimum viable product) within the upcoming weeks, and continue to come up with new ideas for the system.



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